Different variants in 1911 holster

Different variants in 1911 holster

The 1911 shoulder holsters has acquired the standing as being the pistol that received two planet wars. An iconic part of American background, no pistol enthusiast’s assortment is done 1911 holster without one. There is no much better spot for a 1911 to sit down, when compared to a top-notch good quality custom molded, 1911 holster. With 70 years honing our create, Kirkpatrick Leather holsters are the best in terms of quality, fit and comfort.

Customized 1911 Holster

While there are many company’s supplying 1911 holsters. Most offer a one sizing fits all solution. However, in contrast to other modern pistols, 1911’s are offered from numerous manufacturers and personalized stores with plenty of alternatives. For 1911 holsters to put appropriately, a 1 dimension suits all method will not be for you. At Kirkpatrick Natural leather our company is followers of the 1911 pistol. Many people here own and bring one for self-defense. My father, who started off Kirkpatrick Leather material Co., taken one out of WWII and then for the majority of his lifestyle. Personally, i have several them and many of the holster creators here hold 1911’s also. We collect them we utilize them for daily bring, rivalry and searching. And that we will almost always be looking for ways to improve our 1911 holsters. We feel our familiarity with the look allows us to get in touch with you to actually get the best 1911 holster.


Our 1911 holsters are accessible for either cocked and locked hold or hammer down have. They may also be custom made for barrel measures from 3.0” to 6.0”. In case your pistol has personalized alternatives like an over-measured basic safety, suppressor sights, threaded barrel or should it be equipped with a reddish colored dot view. Phone us and we can make a gorgeous, custom leather material 1911 holster for you. Accessible in a variety of bring designs, we offer you 1911 holsters for the majority of carry conditions. The 1911 OWB holsters created to journey shut our bodies for easy concealment.